Exploring Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney is a text to picture Artificial Intelligence (AI) service. It allows users to generate images based on text descriptions, creating a wide range of art, photos, from realistic to abstract styles. Midjourney’s AI is especially known for its high quality, well structured, and detailed images that come from it.

just testing prompts the image below was generated using Midjourney. As you can see the output was selected with a prompt to create the look needed

to make this you would start your prompt with:

/imagine sci fi character art, cool artwork, futuristic style, in the style of 32k uhd, atey ghailan, geoff johns, dark yellow and gray, panasonic lumix s pro 50mm f/1.4, techpunk, knightcore

Using Midjourney prompts you can output quickly images to be used in print material or for commercial use depending on your license.

for the example below, I choose, “A cute little ghost cartoon sticker with a white background” and below is what was output. 100% what I as looking for and great quality to use on just about anything.

after this the photo can be upscale if liked and then used for your project/item for sale.

Discord is used as the backend for midjourney and prompts are entered to generate these images.

a standard prompt would look like this, starting with /imagine it gives you a spot to fill in your prompt.

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